In the tradition of pioneering contemporary jazz greats like Tim Weisberg and Hubert Laws, Darryl Evan Jones brings the unique instrument’s classic vibe and rich melodic and harmonic possibilities to a new generation. The multi-talented Bronx, New York raised performer fully embraces his artistic spirit with a style that reflects the many different sides of his unique musical personality.  

Shattering expectations and preconceived notions of what he and his flute should sound like, Darryl Evan Jones freely and creatively focuses on the beauty of his musical expression. He insists that he’s a soul singer who can’t sing, and expresses his emotions through his flute. You will find that no one has a sound quite like Darryl Evan Jones’, and his is a sound like no one else’s. His phrasing, attack, and interpretation are simply unparalleled.

The journey of Darryl Evan Jones has brought him to performances stages like The Cannon Center in Memphis, Philadelphia's Mandell Theater, and the Capital Jazz Fest, and as the opening act for artists like Jeff Lorber, Kem, and Boney James.  Otherwise, you can find him dazzling a grand cross-section of people where ever he performs. “Nothing like Darryl Evan Jones and a glass of wine”, it’s been said. “When Darryl plays, it’s like angels are singing”, another fan contends.

Darryl Evan Jones, the Ambassador of Instrumental Soul invites you to experience and enjoy his most original style and intoxicating sound.

1/5   Private Event
1/7   Private Event
1/14 Private Event
1/17 Private Event
1/27 Mahogony Memphis Live
2/7   Mahogony Memphis Live
2/9   Private Event
2/12 Mahogony Memphis Live
2/14 Private Event
3/12 Reign Event Center
3/22 Private Event
3/30 Private Event
4/2   River City Jazz & Music Festival
4/7   Private Event
4/14 Mahogony Memphis Live
4/30 Private Event
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5/6   Private Event
5/11 Private Event
5/31 Private Event
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6/12 The Guest House at Graceland
6/18 Steel City Smooth Jazz Festival
6/30 Mahogany Memphis Live
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9/4   River City Jazz & Music Festival
9/11 Private Event
9/16 Mahogany Memphis Live
9/30 Private Event
10/2 Reign Event Center
10/20 Mahogany Memphis Live
11/18 Private Event
11/20 Private Event
11/29 Private Event
12/3   Private Event
12/8   Mahogony Memphis Live
12/22 Mahogony Memphis Live

1/20/23 Private Event

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